Analysis of LockBit Ransomware v2.0


Community Feature - @cPeterr

Curated Intelligence member Chuong Dong has recently shared his findings in a blog after reverse engineering the infamous LockBit ransomware family, version 2.0. Most interestingly of all, Dong says "LockBit is definitely the most sophisticated ransomware I have taken a look at".

Dong's analysis shows that LockBit uses a hybrid-cryptography scheme of Libsodium’s XSalsa20-Poly1305-Blake2b-Curve25519 and AES-128-CBC to encrypt files. The malware’s configuration is XOR-encrypted and stored in static memory. Like REvil and BlackMatter, LockBit’s child threads use a shared structure to divide the encryption work into multiple states while encrypting a file. With the elaborated multithreading architecture, LockBit’s performance is relatively fast compared to most ransomware in the field.

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