The Long Game Of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Community Feature - @michael_deebo

Curated Intelligence member - Michael DeBolt - has expressed his views on what he calls the "CTI long game" and how CTI teams, as a core component of many security teams, should approach it and why it matters. The blog crucially covers the challenges that we as CTI analysts face and how we should tackle them. The key notes being, as Michael puts it, "frenzied media coverage" and the "pursuit of fame", which currently are two main pressure points affecting how CTI analysts to do their jobs.

As highlighted in the blog, timeliness is a key factor in intelligence but for it to be the main or only reason for publishing something would be a miscalculation, potentially inducing confusion or misguided action. These points are extremely pertinent for CTI analysts. Whether you are part of an internal team, a partner, a vendor, or a consultant it would be best not to rush and cause issues as you should want to be seen as a trusted voice of clarity and reason. We duly recommended reading the rest of Michael's article and sharing it with your teams.

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