GEOINT on Russian Military at the Border of Ukraine

Community Feature - @Rag_sec

Curated Intelligence member Rag_sec has stitched together images of the Yelna military deployment area and motor pool using Maxar satellite imagery and geolocation technology. Russian military vehicles currently parked at the border of Ukraine potentially include BTR-80 anti-infantry vehicles, 2S7 Pion heavy artillery, likely logistics vehicles (such as URALs and KrAZs), 2S34 Chosta mortar carriers, BM-27 Uragan rocket launchers, and a mixture of T80s and T72s battle tanks.

As the tension between Ukraine, Russia, and NATO forces are heightened, more eyes on the region have been gathering to see what a kinetic conflict may look like. Rag_sec says "Given Yelnya's location behind the forward deployment areas it's likely this could be the reserve motor pool to backfill if needed."

On Friday 14 January 2022, Microsoft disclosed the WhisperGate destructive cyberattacks, which coincided with multiple web defacements against numerous Ukrainian government entities. Which are signs of Russian "Active Measures" being in motion against Ukraine. Analysts globally are currently paying attention to the situation as additional destructive cyberattacks in the form of another NotPetya wiper or an Industroyer ICS attack could follow or coincide with a military conflict.

In the event of any media or research enquiries, @Rag_sec has said Twitter DMs are open

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