Tracking the planet with Pulsedive

Community Feature - @netbroom @euphoricfall @Pulsedive

Curated Intelligence's CTI entrepreneurs - Dan Sherry & Grace Chi - added the Curated Intelligence blog as a source for Pulsedive, the community-driven threat intelligence platform. Pulsedive meets its objective: on-demand scanning and enrichment for the security community. The platform allows users to research indicators and threats, and pivot between HTTP headers, meta tags, SSL certs, WHOIS data, DNS records, ports, banners, web technologies, and more.

Blog posts and community features by Curated Intelligence members will now appear in Pulsedive’s news stream and threat pages. For example, "Reverse Engineering Dridex" by Chuong Dong (@cPeterr) now appears on the Dridex threat page, along with other news and resources.

Dan proves sharp in his aptitude for parsing and managing large-scale data collections, leading as the curator of Pulsedive. Grace pivoted from a marketing background and breathes life into Pulsedive, but her experience doesn't end there. While her formal role is Pulsedive’s operations director, she is our peer as an intelligence professional.

Together, these two fantastic Curated Intelligence members run Pulsedive. We are happy to be included as an intelligence source and offer our support as an unofficial partner.

Grace notes: “Initiatives like Curated Intelligence are prime examples of how collaboration across the intelligence community benefits individual practitioners, teams, and more. We’re grateful for the efforts by Curated Intelligence’s members to provide valuable insights for the industry, and proud to amplify the work of our peers.”

Curated Intel Community Features are sourced using our Member Content channel on Discord. If you have recently produced a noteworthy piece of writing, a project, a podcast, an infographic or other CTI content let us know!