ATT&CK Lookup for MITRE developed by Curated Intelligence


Community Feature - @captainGeech42

A Curated Intelligence member - Zander Work - has developed a new tool for looking up the "T" codes for techniques present on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This tool is used by CTI analysts, DFIR investigators, and SOC analysts to quickly identify and map tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Cyber Threat Intelligence is knowledge about adversaries and their motivations, intentions, and methods that is collected, analysed, and disseminated in ways that help security and business staff at all levels protect the critical assets of the enterprise. The ATT&CK Lookup tool helps CTI analysts take another step towards this goal. 

Demonstration of the tool in action:

Fig. 1 - Starting ATT&CK Lookup and using it for individual TTPs

Fig. 2 - Checking "T" codes of ATT&CK TTPs in bulk

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