Multiple extortion tactics leveraged by Ransomware


Community Feature - @AltShiftPrtScn

Curated Intelligence's DFIR firefighter - Peter Mackenzie - recently penned a blog about the multiple avenues of extortion that ransomware operators are leveraging to squeeze their victims for cryptocurrency. As a veteran incident responder, Peter has personally dealt with a vast number of ransomware attacks and has put together a blog raising awareness of all the different tactics employed by these ruthless cybercriminals.

One of the more interesting - and creepy - aspects of these campaigns is using phone calls to contact the victims, urging them to enter the Tor chat with them and begin negotiations. In the blog, Peter included a recording from a SunCrypt ransomware attack. The operators of SunCrypt reference regulations, like GDPR, to make legal threats and ends with "we are waiting for you in the chat, think about your future and your families..." - I recommend listening to it, although it is quite chilling! Perfect for Halloween 🎃

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