OSINT workflow for finding people

Community Feature - @BOsintBlanc

Curated Intelligence's cyber sleuth - BOsintBlanc - has recently shared with us a very handy OSINT workflow diagram for finding people. The diagram highlights a tried-and-tested path that investigators can walkthrough while beginning new investigations. Like many CTI and OSINT analysts, we often are tasked with learning more about certain individuals. This can include fraudsters, malware developers, ransomware operators, and APT group members, among others. Sometimes we become fortunate enough that our individuals of interest have relaxed operational security (OPSEC), which we can exploit to learn more about the adversary's intent. 

OSINT for finding people often includes scouring search engines, social media sites, public records, data breaches, and pivoting off our findings. The workflow diagram shared by BOsintBlanc keeps the investigation moving with a current objective in mind. This will certainly prove useful for anyone undergoing open source research around individuals. Feel free to try this out on yourself. Happy hunting!

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