New release of Kit Hunter Verson 2.0


Community Feature - @SteveD3

Curated Intelligence's doyen of phishing - SteveD3 - has recently published the awesome Kit Hunter Version 2.0, freely available on his GitHub. Kit Hunter is novel tool that allows administrators to scan and search directories to locate phishing kits. As detection happens, a report is generated for administrators.

SteveD3 found that his Kit Hunter project has been a learning experience for him to develop his Python coding skills. The most impressive updates to Version 2.0 include a switching mechanism that offers a several cmd line options and a general help file for users. 

Kit Hunter also has the ability to detected different types of phishing kits based on recognised attributes of cybercriminal authors' code and other established markers. The project ships with 41 tag files that detect targeted phishing campaigns, as well as various types of phishing tricks, such as obfuscation, templating, theming, and even branded kits like Kr3pto and Ex-Robotos.

Try it out on GitHub here:

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